My full name is spelled as [First:] Mohammed Ashiqur [Last:] Rahman, and thus the "Md". The preferred short name is "Ashiq." Currently, I am a graduate associate at The University of Arizona and pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science. Recently, I have earned my Master of Science (MS) from the department as a Spring 2020 Graduate. I started my doctoral program in August 2016. Before that, I attended Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh, from 02/2011 to 05/2015 and completed my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Since 2011, I have gathered experience as a researcher, developer, problem-solver, mentor, and instructor. I love to work on challenging problems, and learn existing techniques and find new ones to solve them. I like playing badminton, watching movies, sightseeing, and following the latest tech news.

My wife, Ishtesa Khan, is also pursuing her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at the Arizona State University, USA. We love to travel, explore new places, take a lot of pictures and sometimes make jokes of being each-others university rivals!

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Office: GS 718


Computer Science, College of Science, The University of Arizona

1040 E. 4th Street, Tucson AZ 85721

Email: marahman[at]